Amanda Green (eliste_writes) wrote,
Amanda Green

why can't we all just get along on the intarwebs

So I am trying to actually keep up with all the online stuff again. There is too much stuff!!

I am a little afraid for LJ's future, so I am once again going to mirror things from my Wordpress blog, since all that content is under my control and regularly backed up, so I know I won't loose anything.

Getting LJ and Wordpress and Facebook and Twitter to all play nice together is making me want to scream, but I'm working on it. :) So if there are some weird posts here, I apologize.

  • From Twitter 05-11-2011

    19:58:09: Just watched last SGU. Miss eli already. Awesome job david blue. Tweets copied by

  • From Twitter 05-09-2011

    16:47:16: "The Company recognizes your right to engage in activities outside of your employment" ...that's comforting. Tweets copied by…

  • From Twitter 05-02-2011

    16:46:17: @ numindan the sparkly bits are the best part! Tweets copied by

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