September 4th, 2007

new life

because i know you all are dying to know!

How did the date go, you ask? (And thank you for the encouraging comments, by-the-by!)

Alp was a perfect gentleman. He held open doors and paid for everything and drove me to and from my door and did not even make a single move toward a good night kiss/hug. Which was all nice.

He also had difficulty putting two complete sentences together in English. Which made for the talking? Not so in-depth. For all I know, he only understood every fourth word out of my mouth. And I was making an attempt to keep them in the two-syllable range.

His main language is Turkish; he lived in Turkey since he was 7 up until a few years ago. He's short, pasty, and wears nice cologne. He has a secret fear, he confessed to me, of African-Americans.

He works for a Turkish professor at PSU. I don't understand what exactly he does, since he didn't have the vocabulary to explain, but something about reading articles and getting paid for it. Digesting? He does have his PhD in economics, and loves numbers.

So while it wasn't bad, it experience. And, I'm so not ready to date. :)
umbrella in the storm

still not right

As I'm feeling very out-of-sorts today with no clear idea why, I did another tarot reading. The universe is apparently done with me asking for guidance and feeling out of sorts, because this reading is pretty much the equivalent of the forty-foot tall letters of flame on the side of the mountain in So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

The Hanged Man.........The High Priestess.........The Tower
clarifier cards for each:

Empress................3 of Wands.................Prince of Cups

Yeesh! Hamlet. In love. With the old man's daughter. The old man thinks. I get it, I get it.

Off to find the package store to secure the key ingredient in amaretto fudge. I'll let you know the outcome of that little venture....

ah, oregon.

There is no armaretto fudge in Mudville today. The package store is only open until 7 p.m. I thought I left New England when I was 17?

To make the experience uniquely Oregonian, I got rained on while walking back home.