September 19th, 2007

new life


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The universe is testing me today. I very much hope that I am not going to fail. FYI, universe, I am tired of being tested....

Anyway, this is one of the many pictures I took at the botanical gardens I went to yesterday. There are tons more on the flickr.

new life

and this is how my day went, dear

Some day I will rise above anger. Until then, here's the letter I did not send today:

Dearest Alex,

You are a complete asshole. The only thing keeping me from taking your scrawny ass to court and cleaning you out for all you’re worth (because you are so colossally bad at managing money you don’t deserve to actually have any) is that you are so pathetically normal that I can’t bring myself to waste more time on you than this letter.

Next time you feel that my way isn’t the best way, look up the term ‘compound interest.’ I don’t want to keep hitting you, baby, but you keep walking into my fist. Try to grow a brain somewhere north of your gonads. Oh, and if your skank of a useless girlfriend has another emotional breakdown due to her complete failure to live as a grown up and calls me again to express herself with her wonderfully effluent vocabulary, I’ll be struck with the sudden desire to vociferously protect my own interests and take you to court over the fact that you have never once managed to pay your alimony on time.

If a man is as good as his word, you fall so short of the definition I’m surprised the Navy lets you claim ‘male’ as your gender.


I feel so much better now.