September 26th, 2007

new life

the guardian at the gate

A new card for me. I have asked about the trial of my initiation, and now it seems I have an answer:

The principle task of the Guardian at the Gate is to facilitate the passage from one realm to another and to block the passage of that which is not ready to pass. These realms may be Earth, Faery, the cosmos of the Singers, or Unity. They can also be considered as levels of reality or states of consciousness.

Drawing this card indicates that a passage is being made to the beginning of something new in our lives. It speaks of new opportunities and new openings. Passing through this gate may lead to a physical journey, a mental or an emotional one, or a journey of the spirit. It always leads to adventure. This gateway will also lead to significant change in our lives. The passage through such a gate changes us. We are embarking on a new phase of our lives, and there will be no going back once this gate has been passed. That is the kind of transition the Guardian at the Gate leads us to--always to irrevocable change. We may, of course, ask the Guardian at the Gate for guidance and protection on our journey--and we would be wise to do so.

Mmm. I think it's going to be a good day...
new life

jet lag

dawn over portland
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I was up very early this morning. But it meant I was cognizant enough to enjoy the morning. I took a little walk up to Washington Park and snapped a couple photos. And, I found a huge swingset up there! I swung.

Let's see, I have gotten some coursework done and am about to sign up for the writing course program. Some signs are too auspicious to ignore. Then I am going to make the appointment to see the financial planner. Then me and my sexy new bathing suit are off to sign up for a membership at the Y. Somewhere in there I will throw some words at the novel and answer the questions for the writing coach's first assignment.