October 13th, 2007

new life

she of the cruach

It's been too long since I've meditated, with rushing around to get everything ready and getting balls rolling. I did so today to both get back in touch with reality, and to finally finish my meditation skills course. The guided meditation wasn't one of my favorites, but I am feeling relaxed and centered and present, which is of course the point.

My card for today is She of the Cruach, the feminine principal. I have been doing a lot of creating, action, and giving out effort. It is time to take a breath and see where my actions have led me.

Since it is finally at long last sunny today, I am off to wander around the city.
curtain girl

that was a lot of walking.

But I really did have a good time out in the sun and, honestly, beautiful weather. Oregon has a fantastic quality to the sunlight. I don't know if it's moisture in the air (or pollution) or what, but sometimes when you look out over a vista you can see the sunbeams, all misty and blurred like old movies. There was a lot of that today.

I'm trying to remember to enjoy the rest of my time here. It's true that I won't have a whole autumn to watch the leaves turn for quite a while. I am contemplating running out to the Gorge tomorrow with my camera to get some good fall shots. But I also watched Sideways. I really didn't like the movie very much, but the scenery is all set just about where I am thinking of settling in for a bit, and it looks lovely.

I haven't gotten any work done at all today, and I think that's a good thing after my huge push over the past three days. Everything important was done: version 1.0 of the website is up (exotericmyth.com, drop by & tell your friends!), matching business are on order and will be here by the Conference, and my booth has been set up in Second Life for the virtual writer's faire going on there. I am the champion.

I really enjoyed setting all this stuff up, and my enthusiasm hasn't waned, but I need to work better to find a middle ground between focusing too much on one thing. Change has to happen on all levels at once to really work, and I really am only good at one thing and then half-ass the rest. I just read this interesting article about scheduling in all your "play" time and then working in the blank spaces, rather than the other way around. I don't keep a hard and fast schedule, mostly because I get resentful of them and then don't do anything, so this exact approach doesn't work for me. But I am thinking that I always work first and then say I will get to my fun time, and when I am deep in work everything falls to the wayside (including eating. why oh why oh why is there not a virtual personal assistant software for the Mac??). So from now on when I get up I will do all my "fun" things that I want to do. Then I will start working.

It's a thought. But right now, time for more relaxing & movie watching!