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I can confidently assure you that I did indeed rest today. The parents and I are completely hooked on Heroes, and we are powering our way through DVDs to finish it before the new season starts next Monday.

Friday we went to see the polo match. It was an amateur match, but as I never made it to Del Mar during polo season, it was great fun to finally see the game.

They haven't managed to talk me into golfing yet.

But, since we are in Florida, yesterday we went to the county's largest flea market! It was seven million degrees even at 9 am, but they had a fantastic cornucopia of Useless Products and secondhand things. We had a fun time wandering about. The fresh fruit market was pretty amazing, with all the local growers there handing out samples and peddling fruit so fresh from the field it looked fake.

I have to admit I've gotten no writing done, but I've had a couple of very good ideas. Since I was a bit stuck and not sure where to go, I'm glad for that.

My book, The Best Guide to Meditation, is a really great introduction, comprehensive and light but respectful. There are a number of really amazing quotes I have for today:

"There is more to the tarot than fortune telling," writes European therapist Jan Woudhuysen. "We all have the gift of intuition, but most of us suppress it. The tarot has always been used for 'fortune-telling,' although, in fact, many traditional practitioners have used it for purposes which nowadays would be called psychotherapeutic....The tarot can be used to help you come to terms with yourself, or to understand other people. The subconscious knows and perceives all, and the conscious is bewildered by events."


'We cannot separate the special importance of the visual apparatus of man from his unique ability to imagine, to make plans, and to do all the other things which are generally included in the catchall phrase 'free will.' What we really mean by free will, of course, is the visualizing of alternatives and making a choice between them. In my view...the central problem of human consciousness depends on the ability to imagine."
- Jacob Bronowski, The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination


"Human beings have powerful imaginations. Why not use that power in positive, supportive ways rather than simply leaving your imagination focused on worrying about possible disasters?"
- Ronald Gross, Peak Learning

And to think the other books will be more in-depth and interesting than this one!

I took the time today to get in contact with a bunch of people that I haven't talked to in a long time. I am slowly feeling more full of energy and like I have the mental and emotional bandwidth to be intimate with friends again. How horrible is your situation when you have to run away from your life to examine your life and re-channel every single part of it....of course, the outcome, I think, has been entirely worth it. In any case, sending out a bunch of email was fun, and I'll be sending out even more within the next few days.

Tonight I am out with the girls (my mom's sweet friends) while the boys (my dad's crazy friends) watch football. (Of course, my dad will call Mom with frequent updates!) It is so wonderful to embrace the idea that I can do whatever I want, things that make me happy without worry or guilt or getting hung up in stasis. I will not loose all my money or turn into a bad person if I allow myself to enjoy my life.

Life is, indeed, good!

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