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The date with the new guy last night was amusing. He does speak English. I know this because he spoke endlessly from the minute he sat down until he dropped me back off at my apartment. I think I might have gotten in three sentences the entire evening. But he was sweet, and paid for my dinner. He's so 28. I forgot how huge the crevasse is between 28 and 30. Also? He's completely terrified of himself. I've never seen someone with such an advanced case of Over-privileged White Person Syndrome in my life. His dad is a doctor and his mother is a nurse and multiple members of his family are lawyers. He's living with them right now in their $5 million house in the suburbs, using their gym membership, to work as a special ed teacher's assistant in a local middle school. He hates living there, he hates the sort of people who live there, he hates what those people do to afford to live there. He hates the system that is completely supporting him in every way right now. He hates the politics around his job, and the school system in Oregon. He's done the AmeriCorps. He's thinking about getting a PhD in History, but he thinks that if he does, it won't let him travel because he'll be under a mountain of debt. He's only looking at public schools because private schools are distasteful (he has no idea how I went to Stanford; he doesn't understand that whole private-school-Harvard-Yale-Skull and Bones-East Coast mentality. He said.)

I know all this, but he never said a personal thing about himself. I know his views on the political situation in Venezuela, and about the socio-economic problems of Portland, and about the positives and negatives of the Free Trade Agreement concerning Thailand. He also asked me very few questions about myself. He did ask me about the school I was looking into. I used that as an opportunity to test the waters. I told him that the school interviews everyone before they apply, that they are pretty serious about only taking people who have a mind to change the world. To which he replied: "With a mythology degree? What's the framework for that model?" Then I said something about them meaning in a positive human spirituality sense, and he reassured me that all I needed to do was play the game and say the right answers to get in, then I could make of the experience whatever I wanted once I was accepted.

It's really been a long time since I've had this sort of conversation. I found it really amusing. It also reminded me what the rest of the world is like and how far away from that I've swung my own personal path. Not in a bad way. He'll make an amusing person to hang out with when I need company.
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