Amanda Green (eliste_writes) wrote,
Amanda Green

gawtcha & the master maker

A two-faerie day. The Master Maker pretty much verifies that all these creative ideas to get my career off the ground are headed in the right direction and that I should move to make them reality. Gawtcha has shown up to yell at me at length about how it's very nice that I'm doing all these cerebral things, but am failing miserably at improving my health as part of improving my life. He yelled over a rather painful bout of tummy ick, so it was hard to not listen. I've added a bunch of health things to my to-do list, and I am off right now to get my nails done, buy earplugs that will work in the pool, and buy more of the conditioner I've been out of for a few days now.
Tags: faeries' oracle

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