Amanda Green (eliste_writes) wrote,
Amanda Green


I am looking at Gawtcha's bloodshot eye with remorse. I should have picked that other card that I had my eye on.

"What if I don't want your sort of help today?"

"Help can only be given," Gawtcha replies. "It's up to you to take it."

"But why must I have my world jumbled up again today?"

"Obviously you didn't pay enough attention last time."

I carefully read over Gawtcha's intoduction in the Faeries' Oracle book. ...we need to learn to listen to and trust our intuition.

"I do listen to and trust my intuition," I say.

"Oh yes, and very nicely, too. What came to you yesterday, what idea that you even double-checked on then did nothing about it?"


"Right, oh. If you keep re-ordering the universe to put yourself where you want to be then wasting your chances, well, there's a reason 'Peter and the Wolf' has slipped down through the centuries, let's say. And what card did you pull yesterday?"

Well, now I feel like I'm five. "She of the Cruach."

"Which means to be open to receiving. And were you?"


"Good lord, child, don't you think I've got better things to do on a warm autumn Sunday afternoon? Pick another card then, and this time, pay attention!"

I pull Indi. Gawtcha is apoplectic. Indi stares at us mournfully. "For the love of little dewdrop faeries, girl, grow a backbone. And shuffle this time. No, don't put Indi back in, I swear...."

This time I pull Himself.

"Ah now, that's better," Gawtcha says. "Much better indeed." And with a mocking half bow and an air of impatience, Gawtcha grabs Indi by the arm and they are both gone.
Tags: faeries' oracle

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