Amanda Green (eliste_writes) wrote,
Amanda Green


O how I love being in it again!

Another ten-second update:

- After two days of insane searching, condo of luxury & love found right atop one of San Diego's lush canyons five minutes from downtown and three blocks from Balboa Park. I sign the lease this afternoon. Visitors welcome--I have a spare bedroom/office! (Though no furniture yet.)

- Weekend in LA lovely and more relaxing than I expected. EXTRAVAGANZA of perfection! Sunday brunch of awesome and dinner of ultimate goodness in Downtown Disney at the Jazz Cafe visiting with friends.

- Today: Phone interview for possible tech writing contract job. Do not want to jinx myself--details to be revealed if they become relevant. Signing lease in the PM. Then going to Target to buy inflatable mattress and all the cleaners in the world.
Tags: my day

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