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rigsby you only live once

the time has come, the Walrus said...

...to make a list of things.

Things I have not finished. I'm only 35 for a few months more, and I think that I am around the age where it shall behoove me to clear some of the dross out of life. I have unfinished projects hanging over my head. Not just a few of them. Its time Stuff Got Done. So I can start thinking about new projects and things to try. Life isn't very much of an adventure when it is mentally/emotionally weighed down by the ghosts of unfulfilled commitments to the Self.

1. Finish stories. Like, every single beginning, exercise, fragment, rough draft, all of it. Keep writing until each one is finished. Starting with Cerluna.

2. Finish my PhD from UMS. It's an unaccredited degree, but I paid for it. I might as well finish it.

3. Finish my mythology website. A house full of mythology books are going unread because I don't know where to start. I could start with one.....

4. Write a webcomic. I've been wanting to and wanting to. So really, I just should.

5. Create a personal Tarot deck. I actually have a beautiful Tarot deck that I love, but at one point I really wanted to do this to understand the symbolism better. So I really just should.

6. Finish watching the movies on my DVR. Not all goals have to be lofty.

7. Finish the Wii video games I have. I have like 7 and I rarely play them. Don't I deserve to have some fun?

8. Finish learning how to beadweave. I don't even really think I like it very much, but I have some supplies so I should follow through.

9. Finish learning Lua programming. I want to be good at some sort of programming, and I have the book and you can sorta do neat things with Lua. So why not?

10. Track down my unfinished websites and finish them. I've started a lot of blogs and such and it's killing me to have all this unfinished crap floating around in the ether. If they were a project whose time is done I will close it out gracefully, or I will delete unstarted things, or I will continue on with them to some end. Including this lj.

11. Finish learning how to golf. Of course golf is the sort of thing you can get better at forever, but I have the damn clubs. I should at least get myself to the point of being able to play a real game, not Best Ball. Let's say the 4-5 strokes per hole on an executive course range.

12. Hike Iron Mountain here in San Diego. It was a goal that I wanted to get to and I never did.

13. Learn to rollerblade. At least well enough to join TBC on a leisurely skate should i feel like it.

14. Learn Ugaritic. Seriously. I wanted to do this. I have the best books picked out and everything.

15. Finish making candles. I was going to do this for extra cash and sell them on the Internet. Sure. But I still have the raw materials to make a number of them. So I should make them, already.

16. Finish watching SG-1. I told a friend I'd do this, and I started....but.....

17. Create nylon peel-messages to sell that people can stick on each other's cars. Another money-making scheme that was randomly thought of and never really started.

18. Finish learning to play the viola. Ok, this one was more a money issue about continuing lessons, but I have a Suzuki book/CD and I can read music. I should at least get through the book.

19. Create an online press/publishing house.

There are likely others. That's all I can think of for now. I'll add more if I think of them/find some. If in my...enthusiasm...I told you about some crazy idea I had, remind me, and onto the list it shall go.