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I am looking at Gawtcha's bloodshot eye with remorse. I should have picked that other card that I had my eye on.

"What if I don't want your sort of help today?"

"Help can only be given," Gawtcha replies. "It's up to you to take it."

"But why must I have my world jumbled up again today?"

"Obviously you didn't pay enough attention last time."

I carefully read over Gawtcha's intoduction in the Faeries' Oracle book. ...we need to learn to listen to and trust our intuition.

"I do listen to and trust my intuition," I say.

"Oh yes, and very nicely, too. What came to you yesterday, what idea that you even double-checked on then did nothing about it?"


"Right, oh. If you keep re-ordering the universe to put yourself where you want to be then wasting your chances, well, there's a reason 'Peter and the Wolf' has slipped down through the centuries, let's say. And what card did you pull yesterday?"

Well, now I feel like I'm five. "She of the Cruach."

"Which means to be open to receiving. And were you?"


"Good lord, child, don't you think I've got better things to do on a warm autumn Sunday afternoon? Pick another card then, and this time, pay attention!"

I pull Indi. Gawtcha is apoplectic. Indi stares at us mournfully. "For the love of little dewdrop faeries, girl, grow a backbone. And shuffle this time. No, don't put Indi back in, I swear...."

This time I pull Himself.

"Ah now, that's better," Gawtcha says. "Much better indeed." And with a mocking half bow and an air of impatience, Gawtcha grabs Indi by the arm and they are both gone.
new life

she of the cruach

It's been too long since I've meditated, with rushing around to get everything ready and getting balls rolling. I did so today to both get back in touch with reality, and to finally finish my meditation skills course. The guided meditation wasn't one of my favorites, but I am feeling relaxed and centered and present, which is of course the point.

My card for today is She of the Cruach, the feminine principal. I have been doing a lot of creating, action, and giving out effort. It is time to take a breath and see where my actions have led me.

Since it is finally at long last sunny today, I am off to wander around the city.
earthy fae

gawtcha & the master maker

A two-faerie day. The Master Maker pretty much verifies that all these creative ideas to get my career off the ground are headed in the right direction and that I should move to make them reality. Gawtcha has shown up to yell at me at length about how it's very nice that I'm doing all these cerebral things, but am failing miserably at improving my health as part of improving my life. He yelled over a rather painful bout of tummy ick, so it was hard to not listen. I've added a bunch of health things to my to-do list, and I am off right now to get my nails done, buy earplugs that will work in the pool, and buy more of the conditioner I've been out of for a few days now.
the fool

the bodacious bodoach

A faerie who delights in helping you sort out your loose ends, generally by throwing them out the window. A sign to tidy up the bits of disorder in my life to keep him at bay, and to also watch for other people who might be helpful or who might be muddying the waters.
new life

the guardian at the gate

A new card for me. I have asked about the trial of my initiation, and now it seems I have an answer:

The principle task of the Guardian at the Gate is to facilitate the passage from one realm to another and to block the passage of that which is not ready to pass. These realms may be Earth, Faery, the cosmos of the Singers, or Unity. They can also be considered as levels of reality or states of consciousness.

Drawing this card indicates that a passage is being made to the beginning of something new in our lives. It speaks of new opportunities and new openings. Passing through this gate may lead to a physical journey, a mental or an emotional one, or a journey of the spirit. It always leads to adventure. This gateway will also lead to significant change in our lives. The passage through such a gate changes us. We are embarking on a new phase of our lives, and there will be no going back once this gate has been passed. That is the kind of transition the Guardian at the Gate leads us to--always to irrevocable change. We may, of course, ask the Guardian at the Gate for guidance and protection on our journey--and we would be wise to do so.

Mmm. I think it's going to be a good day...

telling my fortune

Question of the day for the Faeries' Oracle: How is the initiation progressing?

Answer: The Faery Who Was Kissed By The Pixies. Or Morna, queen of love.

Question of the day for the tarot: Is getting the Writer's Coach a good idea?


10 of Wands.............Strength............Princess of Coins (r)

(The 10 of Wands signifies a burden about to be lifted.)

And a last question for the tarot: Why am I so tired?


Judgment................4 of Coins..........King of Coins
star in your soul

spirit dancer

Spirit Dancer says that creative expression is a method of exploring your own truth. She also says the death of Spirit Dancer is perfection.

I am feeling wonderful today! I am enjoying being with my family so much. Yesterday we went to Crystal River Archaeological State Park and wandered around in the sticky 95 degree heat and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. But we still had a great time. I went swimming in the rain with my mom (not on purpose. But we laughed and laughed as we got caught in the deluge). Then the parents went to run through a round of golf just before sunset and I joined them as driver and photographer:

I have gotten my next coursebook and have started reading it, and it is an excellent introduction to meditation. And it even enticed me to get back on track with my own meditation, and I am only feeling more excellent from it! I am having firmer ideas of how I want to live my life, what I want to do in my life, and enjoying living in this life rather than simply waiting around to get to or through some future moment.

And God damn it, I'm starting to have an idea for my next novel! Which simply means that I need to get moving on this one! I've not worked on it yet here, but I am recovered from the Day of Travel and jet lag and am ready to tackle it again, in the way that I should: naturally and with joy.

Also? Today we will be headed for the polo fields! I've never seen polo and am very excited. Though sad because I do not have a proper hat.
childhood dreams

liaste, moon's daughter

Today is a day for rejoicing. Today I have drawn my very favorite faerie from the deck for the very first time. We have a soul-bond, she and I. She's been waiting. It's been a long time since I've felt this much peace.

Her form and meaning are here. She is the light cast in shadows, spiritual guidance, illumination, and riddles. She is a guardian of the Gate of Revelation; she is a sphinx that wants you to solve the riddle that is yourself. She shows us the way to our higher selves and potential by showing us that the fearful terra incognita of our deepest selves is not inhabited by monsters, but joyful spirits.

There is so much goodness in my world today, that I hope a little of it falls on you.