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curio + wii fit = ftw!

Ok, I've been on my wii fit for just over 30 mins everyday since last Wednesday. And I've been sorting out my huge projects, one by one.

Wii Fit is awesomey. I have been loosing little percentages of pounds every day and have lost 2 pounds total and dropped a BMI point. This is so easy it's criminal. The only eating changes I've made are to make very sure I am eating three meals a day. Even if dinner is a toasted slice of cheese on bread at 10 pm. I really like having a good balanced breakfast and lunch and then a very light dinner of soup or a sandwich or something. I had cake two days ago. And chocolate bonbons yesterday. Ha!

The sorting of projects is hard, as Curio is great but every time you start a new project you are faced with a literal blank page. But I am trying out the Pro edition, which lets you save file as templates, so once I realized how I like looking at project timelines in general, things went a little smoother. I am really loving the software, and I can't wait to use it to organize the research projects I've got going on.

I think I'm beginning to realize why I was never able to stick to the "x number of words a day goal. It's a fine goal, but I think its too nebulous for me. I need an endpoint. Especially because I am the sort that tends to not see a project through because the details of finishing weary me. But tracking the overall project out has felt terrifyingly liberating. I've scheduled myself to finish three novels this year, each in various stages of completion, and having mapped out the process and assigned likely start and finish times to each step, finishing them looks to be.....ridiculously easy. They only each need about 1-1.5 of work a day 5 days a week. Two of the mostly-not-done novels will be ready to sell in September, and the third is Veran (god. damn. it!) and he'll be finished up in May. MUAH.

Curio-mapping has also shown me that the goal of finishing my degree program with <a href="http://ww.umsonline.org</a>UMS</a> is too large for a single year. I'll be able to finish everything up to the dissertation, and that will take about half of next year. I revised my goals accordingly, because why have unreachable goals? That is silly. I still need to set up a Curio file for my blogs, which will mostly just hold ideas for entries. The two blogs I need to maintain I will likely just write a week's worth of entries every Sunday. Which leaves the mythology website, which is my big project this afternoon. I am not eager to take that bull by the horns, though I must, as it is the clearest objective I have to sustainable income. Besides, I do like working on it when I know what in the hell I am doing.
new life

ready set go!

I have given myself a week to figure out what in the hell I am doing. That is, of the gazillion projects that I want to work on, I am laying them out and sitting down and figuring out realistic timelines so I actually know what I can and can't get done this year. I really do get more done when I have a bunch of projects to skip around on (like right now I started working on the project list but decided to skip over here and do an entry instead). But I need to break it all down into minimum chunks that need to get done every day or x number of days a week.

There's a lot.

For the curious, I made this in Curio, which I am hoping will help get me organized. I just started with it yesterday, and I like the vision board feel of it for focusing your thoughts.

That's going to take a while to assess the amount of work left on each project and/or how much time I want to spend on it. But I am convinced that once I have the reality of a project plan and steps to follow I will put my head down and work. I mean, it works for corporate America and they do keep relentlessly bringing products to market, so...

I'm also tracking the amount of time I spend doing what over the day, using TimeTrek. I am sort of afraid to know how little I am getting done over the course of the day, but like the projects, in the end it'll be better to know than not know.

Speaking of that, I stepped on my brandy new Wii Fit for the first time yesterday. I think I am in love. Though once again I didn't need to know my weight. Ah well. Half an hour of different sorts of exercises were done, and shortly after I finish this post, I will be back at it.

Also, I challenged myrkr to practice our respective instruments for 15 minutes every day this year. And I picked up and somehow managed to tune my viola and sawed away on it yesterday. 1/365 DONE! If anyone else needs that sort of exciting kick in the pants, I'll consider hosting a more official challenge of some sort. Perhaps even with a prize! For now though....I expect to see regular updates, myrkr! I am considering recordings too.....

Speaking of challenges, once I am a little less sore from the Wii Fit (I imagine next week) I'm going to try the OneHundredPushUps challenge. And let me tell you, I can barely do one regular pushup (I use my knees on the Wii Fit to struggle through the required six). If anyone's interested in this one, let me know and we can be cheering buddies!

Lastly, I want to draw every day, too. I am dying to learn how to draw. I am not quite sure how to go about this, however. I'd just like to do a little sketch or doodle every day, but I literally know nothing about technique and my drawings sadly tend to resemble stick figures that were used in genetic theory testing. Does anyone know a book or website that could help me out here? (mongrelheart, I'm lookin' at you!)

Good lord it's almost been two hours. But I do have my projects down on paper and a post to show for it. So! Much! To! Do! I love it!