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she of the cruach

It's been too long since I've meditated, with rushing around to get everything ready and getting balls rolling. I did so today to both get back in touch with reality, and to finally finish my meditation skills course. The guided meditation wasn't one of my favorites, but I am feeling relaxed and centered and present, which is of course the point.

My card for today is She of the Cruach, the feminine principal. I have been doing a lot of creating, action, and giving out effort. It is time to take a breath and see where my actions have led me.

Since it is finally at long last sunny today, I am off to wander around the city.
the fool


When you are looking over your exam for Meditation Skills and you realize you forgot to answer one of the sort answer questions about one of the guided meditation sessions that are required listening, don't turn on the music you regularly use to meditate with to try to "get you in the mood." Or the mood will be you sitting like an ensorcelled zombie in front of the computer.

...Just a friendly hint.
star in your soul

spirit dancer

Spirit Dancer says that creative expression is a method of exploring your own truth. She also says the death of Spirit Dancer is perfection.

I am feeling wonderful today! I am enjoying being with my family so much. Yesterday we went to Crystal River Archaeological State Park and wandered around in the sticky 95 degree heat and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. But we still had a great time. I went swimming in the rain with my mom (not on purpose. But we laughed and laughed as we got caught in the deluge). Then the parents went to run through a round of golf just before sunset and I joined them as driver and photographer:

I have gotten my next coursebook and have started reading it, and it is an excellent introduction to meditation. And it even enticed me to get back on track with my own meditation, and I am only feeling more excellent from it! I am having firmer ideas of how I want to live my life, what I want to do in my life, and enjoying living in this life rather than simply waiting around to get to or through some future moment.

And God damn it, I'm starting to have an idea for my next novel! Which simply means that I need to get moving on this one! I've not worked on it yet here, but I am recovered from the Day of Travel and jet lag and am ready to tackle it again, in the way that I should: naturally and with joy.

Also? Today we will be headed for the polo fields! I've never seen polo and am very excited. Though sad because I do not have a proper hat.
new life

the fee-lion; lys of the shadows

I always know that this sort of thing works because I am in the same stage in my life and so I keep drawing the same cards. But, the Fee-Lion is new. He reminds me that there are little loose ends that I need to take care of, things that nag at me and keep me from the bigger works. He's a faerie challenger, and his little faerie face is very accusing. But as I pulled him out another card jumped out, so I kept it as a two-faerie day. Lys has graciously come to give me succor again, and I am thankful, because I have had about as much challenge as I can face alone. I think she came because I was brave enough to practice the viola just now. Ever since I learned to bow in my lessons I haven't practiced at home, because the viola is very loud and I am embarrassed to have my entire building and half of street hear (and I know they can, because some guys next door get together on the weekends to practice the guitar and I can hear *them* just fine). And I am at the point where I officially sound like a dying cow. I've really honestly been afraid to practice. After I did I spent at least five minutes going over what horrible things I imagine that my neighbors must be saying or thinking about being forced to listen to me play. What is wrong with me?? Thank heaven for meditation; not-thinking for 20 minutes a day truly is a blessing.

I am challenged, succored, and given a message. I think that's enough reflection for one day. Time to go make my first batch ever of egg noodles and relax!

ETA: There are people in the world who are the sort that make homemade pasta. Apparently, I am not one of those people.