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Oki, the five second update:

- Bumming around Washington state with patriciah & Rachel was the awesome.

- Roadtrip south on the 101 with Chris was even more awesome. Many pics here. Yes, that's the Winchester Mystery House!

- Santa Barbara was interesting. I completely lost my shit and realized I didn't want to live there, I wanted "to go home." Thank you Chris & enkeli for dealing with my crazy.

- Wandering around the Ojai area with Stace was tasty & fun, and cemented the fact that I don't want to live there.

- I'm home. I love San Diego. Looking for housing today & tomorrow, then back up to LA for EXTRAVAGANZA!

Things are still a little crazy. I so want to be settled. I hope everything is going well for all of you!

new life

la lune

It was a full lunar eclipse last night....again. With one six months ago in August, I have to wonder: what is ending, and starting?

In any case, the clouds over the Olympic Peninsula broke up just in time for us to get some stellar pics.

moving clouds


Jetlag has definitely nailed this girl's fins to the floor. I've been lethargic and waking up at entirely the wrong time--which I haven't tried to fix, since in two days I am off for yet another time zone. I haven't even gotten close to transcribing my travel journal, and to make things really fun, I sort of had a bit of a personal existential crisis in there last week too. (Note: perhaps the best way to de-hermitize oneself after being on the proverbial mountaintop is not to start on a 10-day cruise, essentially locked up on what eventually felt like a *very* small ship with 4000 people [including staff]).

Am okay now. I read some helpful books (for your next existential crisis, try Goddesses in Everywoman and/or The Untethered Soul) and visited the Meditation Chapel at the Grotto, which is such an awesome place to just be (mildly freaky hermetically sealed lifelike statue of Mary w/child notwithstanding). One should always get to just be in smooshy huge leather chairs 200 feet up overlooking the Columbia River basin.

But anyway, the real reason for this post: of the 1299 (I am so not kidding) pictures taken by patriciah and myself on the cruise, I've picked out about 60 for your viewing pleasure on the Flickr, complete with titles and notes & things. Click on me to see the set!

the fool


So for those of you I have somehow not told, I have found an office space to do my writing in. CubeSpace has a very reasonable package wherein I can work after hours in a cube or at a desk in an open space in an office, complete with coffee, tea, snacks, fax machine, copier, printer, even meeting rooms should I want to have a meeting. So far working over there in the evenings is going very, very well. I started on the Maass workbook, but have now stalled on it while I figure a few things out. I sussed out a lot of motivation, a lot of background info, who the god really is, and what exactly is going on. Tonight I should have a synopsis and an ending worked out. Woo!

That means that with the rest of the day free to spend how I choose, I no longer have not-writing guilt and hand-wringing, so I have been getting out nearly everyday to Get Things Done or to just wander and enjoy the weather (which sadly, today has turned sour and Portland-ish). I ended up at the library and picked up a book on mysticism and one on Black Madonnas. I did have a sudden realization though, about my reading and studying habits. More precisely, I've been very leisurely meandering through the courses for the online program I am enrolled in, and reading a lot of the extra-curricular book recommendations. Since it is all fascinating stuff, I understand why I am doing that, but a) somehow I am reading lots of survey books and not so many source texts, which is a bad trend and b) lots of these books I will be hitting much more in-depth when I get to Pacifica. And speaking of Pacifica, I have to have an academic writing sample, which I am still a very large number of courses away from completing for the UMS degree that I can then use for Pacifica. Since I am learning to recognize my self-sabotaging behavior, I am making a list of books I should be reading, namely, a list of religious and philosophical texts that I (mostly) read in college/high school that I will no doubt be expected to know to move forward with an advanced degree in Mythological Studies (and will no doubt help me get through the interview without looking like a Luser). And I shall, from this point forward, blow through the coursework for UMS in a much more expedient manner.

To get the booklist, I called the Stanford Bookstore and asked them to give me last year's list of textbooks for the SLE program (zomg, they still have SLE!). Collapse )

I've read a good number of those, and there are a good number I was supposed to have read but rather skimmed instead. I'm going to throw some more religious texts in there, namely the Bible, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, and the Dhammapada. And then for a grand finale I'll add The Collected Works of C.G. Jung and a sampling of Joseph Campbell's books.

Enough with seriousness. Here are my new glasses!

are you the key?

trip of power! and possibly doom.

From astro.com:

Welcome to AstroClick Travel!

AstroClick Travel is designed as an introduction to locational astrology. Its use is meant for entertainment, and maybe you would like to test certain "influences" on a holiday trip.

The meaning of Astro-Maps:

- Astro maps show lines which at the time of birth were strongly influenced by a planet. Should you come into contact with these power zones, parts of your personality can be more intensively activated.

- A stay at such localities is not necessarily required to activate these energies. People as well as spiritual and cultural influences which emanate from these geographical regions form an energetic link.

- The strongest influence is directly on one of these lines. However, the orb of influence extends to a distance of at least 250 km (150 miles) from the line.

- Power zones also exist where planetary lines cross. The energies involved influence each other. This is also true for lines which are close together. The energies of a crossing can be felt - although in a weaker form - throughout the world along the same line of latitude.

- Even in zones where there is no apparent line, an influential connection may still exist. There could be an aspect to a main axis, or the region may be located on a line of latitude where planetary line cross and exert a somewhat diminished effect.

- Transits and other astrological time events can intensify the effect of these lines and should be taken into account.

Right, ok. So I'm going on a trip, so I put in a request to see my lines for Europe, and:

Tunis & Croatia are on the light blue line; and the red and green lines both pass through Malaga, Spain. I might implode before we even hit Casablanca......

ETA: holy crap, the US map is like reading an exact record of my life. scaree!
curtain girl


Outfit for wedding. I ordered the shirt one size larger so it wouldn't hug my hips so.....snugly. But does the outfit work at all? Please tell me what you think. :)

belong here

walkies with new camera

me behind branches
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Getting out of the apartment for just an hour to moon about the park taking pictures was great. There are more pictures on the Flickr. There is no doubt that I am solar powered--I feel immensely better after sitting down under the pines in the sun. Speaking of the pines, I smelled sap as I entered the park today. I haven't smelled that since autumn in New England, like 17 years ago. It was a lovely, lovely moment.

Meanwhile, I haven't exactly gotten a lot done recently, but I am feeling better and have started to re-read the Maass book before plunging into the workbook for exercises. I've also started to give Scrivener a real workout, collating all the info I have scattered about the Web and two harddrives about this novel of doom....

blue mermaid

day of rest

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I can confidently assure you that I did indeed rest today. The parents and I are completely hooked on Heroes, and we are powering our way through DVDs to finish it before the new season starts next Monday.

Friday we went to see the polo match. It was an amateur match, but as I never made it to Del Mar during polo season, it was great fun to finally see the game.

They haven't managed to talk me into golfing yet.

But, since we are in Florida, yesterday we went to the county's largest flea market! It was seven million degrees even at 9 am, but they had a fantastic cornucopia of Useless Products and secondhand things. We had a fun time wandering about. The fresh fruit market was pretty amazing, with all the local growers there handing out samples and peddling fruit so fresh from the field it looked fake.

I have to admit I've gotten no writing done, but I've had a couple of very good ideas. Since I was a bit stuck and not sure where to go, I'm glad for that.

My book, The Best Guide to Meditation, is a really great introduction, comprehensive and light but respectful. There are a number of really amazing quotes I have for today:

"There is more to the tarot than fortune telling," writes European therapist Jan Woudhuysen. "We all have the gift of intuition, but most of us suppress it. The tarot has always been used for 'fortune-telling,' although, in fact, many traditional practitioners have used it for purposes which nowadays would be called psychotherapeutic....The tarot can be used to help you come to terms with yourself, or to understand other people. The subconscious knows and perceives all, and the conscious is bewildered by events."


'We cannot separate the special importance of the visual apparatus of man from his unique ability to imagine, to make plans, and to do all the other things which are generally included in the catchall phrase 'free will.' What we really mean by free will, of course, is the visualizing of alternatives and making a choice between them. In my view...the central problem of human consciousness depends on the ability to imagine."
- Jacob Bronowski, The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination


"Human beings have powerful imaginations. Why not use that power in positive, supportive ways rather than simply leaving your imagination focused on worrying about possible disasters?"
- Ronald Gross, Peak Learning

And to think the other books will be more in-depth and interesting than this one!

I took the time today to get in contact with a bunch of people that I haven't talked to in a long time. I am slowly feeling more full of energy and like I have the mental and emotional bandwidth to be intimate with friends again. How horrible is your situation when you have to run away from your life to examine your life and re-channel every single part of it....of course, the outcome, I think, has been entirely worth it. In any case, sending out a bunch of email was fun, and I'll be sending out even more within the next few days.

Tonight I am out with the girls (my mom's sweet friends) while the boys (my dad's crazy friends) watch football. (Of course, my dad will call Mom with frequent updates!) It is so wonderful to embrace the idea that I can do whatever I want, things that make me happy without worry or guilt or getting hung up in stasis. I will not loose all my money or turn into a bad person if I allow myself to enjoy my life.

Life is, indeed, good!

star in your soul

spirit dancer

Spirit Dancer says that creative expression is a method of exploring your own truth. She also says the death of Spirit Dancer is perfection.

I am feeling wonderful today! I am enjoying being with my family so much. Yesterday we went to Crystal River Archaeological State Park and wandered around in the sticky 95 degree heat and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. But we still had a great time. I went swimming in the rain with my mom (not on purpose. But we laughed and laughed as we got caught in the deluge). Then the parents went to run through a round of golf just before sunset and I joined them as driver and photographer:

I have gotten my next coursebook and have started reading it, and it is an excellent introduction to meditation. And it even enticed me to get back on track with my own meditation, and I am only feeling more excellent from it! I am having firmer ideas of how I want to live my life, what I want to do in my life, and enjoying living in this life rather than simply waiting around to get to or through some future moment.

And God damn it, I'm starting to have an idea for my next novel! Which simply means that I need to get moving on this one! I've not worked on it yet here, but I am recovered from the Day of Travel and jet lag and am ready to tackle it again, in the way that I should: naturally and with joy.

Also? Today we will be headed for the polo fields! I've never seen polo and am very excited. Though sad because I do not have a proper hat.