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new life

here today

but leaving tomorrow. Indianapolis hasn't exactly enchanted me, but I've had a good time, because I came for the company. And the company has been dear and wonderful and darling and fantastic, as always.

I know there is some way or some how to be happy and grateful that dear, wonderful, darling, fantastic TBC is an active, willing, and supportive participant in my life whether I be in the same room, down the street, or half a continent away.

I also know that it is much more healthy and productive and will garner better long term results to cleave to that happy and grateful motif. So could someone explain why it feels so much easier to mope about being alone ~23 days out of 30?

new life

the breadth of worrying

Had such a great conversation with TBC in the car.

Me: If you'd worry less you'll live longer, you know.
TBC: Worry less about what??
Me: Everything.
TBC: But what? When? You have to pick a topic so I can refute it and give my explanation as to why I must worry about it.
Me: I stand by everything, then.
TBC: I've almost talked myself out of worrying about asteroids and supervolcanoes. But I'm still on the fence.
Me: You can't worry about things you can't do anything about!
TBC: Sure you can! Because you can do something about it.
Me: Really? You can do something about a supervolcano?
TBC: Yes! I can put my finger in the geyser!
Me: Uh huh.
TBC: You can plan for the worst and mitigate the effects.
Me: Or you can just not worry about it!
TBC: ....you seriously never worry about things you can't do anything about?
Me: Nope.
TBC: Huh.
new life

why love

Eggs Smiling

Because when you loose yourself a little, or maybe even a lot, the good sort of love believes in the you that you misplaced for a little while. If you’re smart, you’ll remember that the you that love believes in is really pretty great.

And just like that, with sneakish simplicity, you’re found.

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