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state of me: smoothies & ebooks

I haven’t updated about the fitness plan/solution/whatever in a while. Since last check-in I gained about 0.4 pounds, plateaued for a bit, and am now on another downswing. I’ve kept up the wii fitting well enough, and the diet I started breaking in little ways. TBC suggested taking one day off a week, to be able to go out with friends without worrying about it and to keep the metabolism up, and I think that’s a smashing idea. So it continues to work, I just wish it were a little more….steady and predictable.

Then again, I’m sure most people want their entire lives to be more steady and predictable, so what are you going to do.

While I was setting this site up in January, I put together the list of the short stories I have published. Most are not available to read anymore, because their online issue has come and gone, or the print issue is sold out and the press has folded. I was sad about it, because two of my best stories in particular were only seen by a few people for a very short amount of time.

At which point I thought: well, the copyright has now reverted back to me. I can re-publish them.

Muah! And so that is the plan. Toward the end of March I shall release a short story collection though Lulu.com and make it available in e-book format or as a hardcopy trade paperback, as I know many people still prefer to read books Away From the Computer. I’ll put out more information as the time gets closer.

(There is “away from the computer” anymore? A great jest, that…)

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new life

all is balance

I have had a month with my Wii Fit now, and the results have been erratic. While I am still as committed to using it, I am not seeing the definitive results that I was in the beginning.

I missed four days worth of working out with it in thirty. For the first week and a half, it was a slow, steady weight loss. Now it reports that I am gaining and loosing, and by the numbers I feel like I am not making much headway.

On the other hand, the simple act of exercising is doing me good. I have found a combination of games I like to play, and they feel like games. I still look forward to doing my 40 minutes of Wii Fit every day. Anyone who says the Wii Fit is not a real workout hasn’t kept up with it enough to unlock the extended times, new exercises, and higher levels. My core muscles are getting a good workout, and my back is no longer chronically sore as I now can support myself effortlessly in proper posture. And though the scale now says that I have only lost 2 pounds (at one point it said I had lost 6), the jeans that were getting just to the point of too tight to wear comfortably are now back to fitting well.

I also added a six-week pushup regimen from this website. It’s been fun doing it in tandem with TBC, but it might also be skewing weight-loss numbers. I went from being able to do 4 pushups in a row (from my knees, mind you) to being able to do 50 with short rests (still from my knees, but I am calling it a triumph anyhow). I am gaining quite a bit of muscle.

Of course, with all this exercise I haven’t paid much attention to my eating habits. In general, I eat little processed food and balanced meals. I don’t eat emotionally but I do love cupcakes and cookies, so I indulge but I don’t over-indulge. Not-eating enough is a huge problem for me. I have trouble eating more than two meals a day.

So while I was at Make 2009 Your Best Year Ever, I heard John Gray, the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, speak. He is a very fun speaker, and his stories of the relations between men and women are always amusing.

Lately he’s been studying brain chemistry to present the hard science behind the psychological theories of his books. He talked about serotonin and dopamine and testosterone and other hormones, and what effect they have on men and women’s moods and reactions. It was very interesting. And when he mentioned he was selling five of his books for $10 at a booth outside the auditorium, really, how could I resist?

In his book The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution he’s come up with a diet plan (a nutritional plan, really) that he claims will balance brain chemistry, helping to ease mood swings (thereby giving a man and a woman less opportunity for misunderstandings). He also mentions a number of types of supplements that will help the body absorb the nutrition it needs to keep cravings away. The book is very in depth, and you kind of have to pick out the diet and exercise parts because it’s not clearly laid out like one might expect, but basically he sold me on trying it when in a paragraph he explained why over five years of strenuous kung fu workouts I never seemed to loose weight:

“When women do intense or even moderately intense exercise, the mitochondria in muscle cells burn carbohydrates instead of fat. As a result, fat burning is inhibited. A woman will temporarily feel good but gain weight. Moderate and not intense exercise is best for women.”

I will get what I want by working less hard? Sign me up. I plan on starting Gray’s “solution” on Monday; I’ll chime back in at the end of next week with an update.

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